Welcome to the Meme Ranch. Founded on April 1, 2020 by XVALA, Meme Ranch has gone from a concept to a full, living and breathing network of ideas and creations about the arts, politics, media, and the culture structures of society. With these pillar ideas in mind, we aim to ask thoughtful questions about what it is that makes art, who decides the value of such art, and why should we accept systematic structures such as institutional gatekeepers to construct what we perceive to be art.

Our aptitudes for critique are backed by logical reasoning, a playful attitude, and a sincerity to question the status quo. Some of our pieces may come across with a contrarian edge but rest assured, we always approach the subjects of personalities among the artist community with good faith; aiming to produce more insightful takeaways than other run-of-the-mill, pejorative think pieces.

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