The first rule of Meme Ranch is, tell everybody about Meme Ranch. Here for a good meme, not a long meme. All your memes are belong to us. What other catchphrases can we think of?

Meme Ranch started on April 1, 2020 with XVALA and some friends sitting around recording themselves telling each other funny stories. Since then, we've been on a wild ride on this roller coaster of arts, media, politics, and endless string of historic events. What do memes have to do with all this? We live in a world of short attention spans where meme is king. News is spread through memes. Cultural waves and societal change are made through memes. Meme is the medium that makes the world go round. Memes are an art and art makes memes.

Join us on this treasure hunt as we dig up gems all around America and beyond, and explore what is the meme-ing of art and life.


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